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Differentially expressed genes after miRNA or siRNA transfection in human cancer cell lines (SK-MES, MDA-MB-231, MKN and 786-O)

ABSTRACT: To identify differentially expressed genes by anti cancer treatments (microRNAs or siRNAs) in human cancer, several cell lines (lung cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer and renal cancer) were subjected to Agilent whole genome microarrays. Overall design: Human cell lines (SK-MES, MDA-MB-231, MKN and 786-O) were treated with miRNAs (miR-451a, 99a-5p, 99a-3p, 148a-5p and 148a-3p), siRNAs (si-SDC3 and si-SERPINH1).

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-072363 SurePrint G3 Human GE v3 8x60K Microarray 039494 [Feature Number Version]

SUBMITTER: Naohiko Seki  

PROVIDER: GSE113066 | GEO | 2018-04-13


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Molecular pathogenesis of renal cell carcinoma: Impact of the anti-tumor miR-29 family on gene regulation.

Yamada Yasutaka Y   Sugawara Sho S   Arai Takayuki T   Kojima Satoko S   Kato Mayuko M   Okato Atsushi A   Yamazaki Kazuto K   Naya Yukio Y   Ichikawa Tomohiko T   Seki Naohiko N  

International journal of urology : official journal of the Japanese Urological Association 20180828 11

OBJECTIVES:To identify key oncogenes and proteins that are controlled by the microRNA miR-29 family (miR-29a, miR-29b and miR-29c) in renal cell carcinoma pathogenesis. METHODS:Genome-wide gene expression and in silico database analyses were carried out. The Cancer Genome Atlas database was used to investigate the clinical significance of gene expression data in renal cell carcinoma patients. Loss-of-function assays were applied to investigate the function of target genes. RESULTS:We identified  ...[more]

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