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Gene expression profiles of four murine tumors after carbon-ion (C-ion) or gamma irradiation.

ABSTRACT: This study uses microarray analysis to examine the fate of multiple C-ion-irradiated tumors in vivo to gain a comprehensive overview of the changes in gene expression induced by C-ion irradiation. Four murine tumors were irradiated in vivo with C-ions at a single dose, and gamma-rays were used as a reference beam. Keywords: mouse squamous cell carcinoma and fibrosarcoma, carbon ion-irradiation, gamma-irradiation, resected sample, transplanted tissues Overall design: We examined gene expression changes after carbon-ion (C-ion) irradiation (290 MeV/m, SOBP 6 cm middle, 50 kev/mm) with a single dose of 30 Gy in four mouse tumors (NR-S1, SCCVII, NFSa and #8520) transplanted into the hind legs of C3H/HeNrs mice, using 44K single-color oligomicroarrays at 6 hours, 1 day and 3 days after irradiation. Gamma rays of 30 Gy and 50 Gy were used as a reference beam.

INSTRUMENT(S): GE Healthcare/Amersham Biosciences CodeLink™ Mouse Whole Genome Bioarray

SUBMITTER: Kazunori Nojiri 

PROVIDER: GSE11629 | GEO | 2008-06-09



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Upregulation of stress-response genes with cell cycle arrest induced by carbon ion irradiation in multiple murine tumors models.

Imadome Kaori K   Iwakawa Mayumi M   Nojiri Kazunori K   Tamaki Tomoaki T   Sakai Minako M   Nakawatari Miyako M   Moritake Takashi T   Yanagisawa Mitsuru M   Nakamura Etsuko E   Tsujii Hirohiko H   Imai Takashi T  

Cancer biology & therapy 20071103 2

OBJECTIVE:To elucidate the in vivo biological effects induced by carbon-ion irradiation using comprehensive expression analysis. RESULTS:In all tumors, the level of expression of several tens of genes, including Ccl3, Ccng1, Cd80, Cdkn1a, Cxcl2, IL7r, Lrdd, Mgmt, Mmp8 and Polk, was significantly altered 6 h and day 1 following C-ion irradiation. At day 3, several hundred genes, many of which are also classified as stress-response or cell-communication genes, including Tnfrsf5, Ikbke and Icam1, w  ...[more]

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