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AKT1E17K activates focal adhesion kinase and promotes melanoma brain metastasis

ABSTRACT: Goal: Comparison of protein and phospho-protein levels in primary tumors based on activation of different AKT paralogs Methods: RPPA performed at the MD Anderson RPPA Core Facility. Detailed procedures available in methods section. Results: Focus of study compared protein and phospho-protein levels of BRAFV600E;Cdkn2a-/-;Pten-/- and BRAFV600E;Cdkn2a-/-;Pten-/-;AKT1E17K cohorts. P-FAK and paxillin were upregulated in tumors that express AKT1E17K compared with controls Conclusion: AKT1E17K has a critical role in upregulating P-FAK and paxillin Overall design: Thirty primary tumor samples included in analyses: Six BRAFV600E;Cdkn2a-/-, Six BRAFV600E;Cdkn2a-/-;Pten-/-, Six BRAFV600E;Cdkn2a-/-;Pten-/-;AKT1E17K, Six BRAFV600E;Cdkn2a-/-;Pten-/-;AKT2E17K, Six BRAFV600E;Cdkn2a-/-;Pten-/-;AKT3E17K

INSTRUMENT(S): University of Utah (Mus musculus) (30 samples) (RPPA 245 antibodies)

SUBMITTER: Sheri Holmen  

PROVIDER: GSE123182 | GEO | 2018-12-01


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