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Allergen-challenged CD4+ cells from patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis

ABSTRACT: Seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) is a complex disease that is caused by many interacting genes and environmental factors. It is also an excellent model disease for clinical studies; it is common, it is seasonal, and since it takes place in the nasal cavity it can be studied in vivo non-invasively. Furthermore, the key disease cell, the Th2 cell is known. We study SAR using allergen-challenged CD4+ cells from allergic patients. Overall design: Samples were obtained from 3 patients with SAR; each separated into allergen-challenged samples and unchallenged controls.

INSTRUMENT(S): Sentrix Human-6 Expression BeadChip

SUBMITTER: Mikael Benson  

PROVIDER: GSE18574 | GEO | 2009-10-16



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Highly interconnected genes in disease-specific networks are enriched for disease-associated polymorphisms.

Barrenäs Fredrik F   Chavali Sreenivas S   Alves Alexessander Couto AC   Coin Lachlan L   Jarvelin Marjo-Riitta MR   Jörnsten Rebecka R   Langston Michael A MA   Ramasamy Adaikalavan A   Rogers Gary G   Wang Hui H   Benson Mikael M  

Genome biology 20120615 6

Complex diseases are associated with altered interactions between thousands of genes. We developed a novel method to identify and prioritize disease genes, which was generally applicable to complex diseases.We identified modules of highly interconnected genes in disease-specific networks derived from integrating gene-expression and protein interaction data. We examined if those modules were enriched for disease-associated SNPs, and could be used to find novel genes for functional studies. First,  ...[more]

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