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Comparison of the testicular transcriptome of chromosomes 2, X, Y and the mitochondrial genome between two mouse species

ABSTRACT: We used tiling arrays to compare the testicular expression of chromosomes 2, X, Y and the mitochondrial genome between Mus m. domesticus and Mus spretus. We found an excess of dysregulated non-coding RNAs on chromosome 2. This group consists of intronic antisense RNAs, intergenic RNAs and also premature forms of PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs). The unique transcriptional regulation in spermatogenesis is a characteristic of chromosome X. It is subject to meiotic transcriptional silencing, which is accompanied by generating X-chromosomal retrogenes on autosomes. We found striking dysregulation of the G6pdx - G6pd2 parental-retrogene pair between the mouse species. The postmeiotic expression of G6pdx in Mus spretus points out the continuous evolution of X chromosome silencing and provides clue for regulatory changes, which accompanies the out-of-X gene flow. Overall design: Comparison between 3 samples of Mus spretus and 3 samples of Mus m. domesticus (C57BL/6J, B6). The supplementary file 'GSE19633_Spr_v_B6.bed' contains the chromosomal localizations of the probes together with logFC and adjusted P values.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Mm35b_P02R] Affymetrix Mouse Tiling 2.0R Set, Array 2

SUBMITTER: Robert Ivanek 

PROVIDER: GSE19633 | GEO | 2011-02-16



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