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Mammary gland development: cross-species analysis of the mammary gland transcriptome in pregnant or lactating wild type female Sprague Dawley rats.

ABSTRACT: Cross-species hybridization analysis of mammary glands during pregnancy and lactation. Results provide insight into putative conserved molecular mechanisms regulating mammary gland development. This study was performed to identify orthologous transcripts that are differentially co-expressed in the mammary gland at 2 stages of development (pregnancy and lactation) in wild type Sprague-Dawley rats. Overall design: Key points are examined in a time series of Sprague Dawley rat mammary gland development, secretory activation and lactation. Triplicate rat (three biological replicates) at each time point were used for statistical power totalling 12 individual arrays in this study. Rats were as staged pregnant day 1 the day that post coital plug was observed, and similarly, lactation day 1 was the first day after birth. Whole mammary glands No. 4 (inguinal) were obtained from female rats at stages of development: virgin (adulthood, 14 wks of age), Pregnant (5 and 14 days of pregnancy) and Lactating (day 1 and 12 postpartum). The two-color (Cy5/Cy3) microarray experiment was designed to hybridize samples from each group against a common reference, a pool of RNA from mammary gland of three parous or virgin female rats.

INSTRUMENT(S): M22K_01_UNAM-IFC_Murine_22K_oligoarray_version_v1

ORGANISM(S): Rattus norvegicus  

SUBMITTER: Sergio Manuel Encarnación  




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