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Array CGH of interspecific hybrid yeasts using multi-species array platform

ABSTRACT: Four hybrid yeast strains isolated from a variety of industrial substrates were hybridized to an array-CGH platform containing probes to query the whole genomes of seven different Saccharomyces species. For most of the strains we found evidence of multiple interspecific hybridization events and multiple introgressed regions. The strains queried were GSY205 (isolated from a cider fermentation), GSY505 (a contaminant from a lager beer fermentation), GSY2232 (a commercial wine yeast strain), and GSY312 (a commercial lager beer strain). Additionally, 3 different rare viable spores derived from laboratory-created interspecific S. cerevisiae-S. bayanus (aka S. uvarum) hybrids were queried, before and after evolution in chemostats, via S. cerevisiae-S. bayanus microarrays. Overall design: Four experimental arrayCGH hybridizations (the four strains mentioned in the summary) were performed, plus a variety of control hybridizations: 4 self-self controls, 1 control each with only one of the seven Saccharomyces species, 1 control using pooled DNA from the 6 non-cerevisiae species, 1 control using pooled S. cerevisiae strains. Additional aCGH microarray hybridization data from evolved lab-created interspecific hybrid spores are also included in this study.

INSTRUMENT(S): SMD Print_1181 (Saccharomyces bayanus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

SUBMITTER: Barbara Dunn  

PROVIDER: GSE35549 | GEO | 2016-12-01



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