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Atlantic Salmon Amoebic Gill Disease Study

ABSTRACT: Comparison of gene expression of infected versus non infected Salmo salar gill tissue over time. The time course includes 0 hr, 44 hr, 114 hr and 189 hr post infection Keywords: Infected vs control Overall design: Three biological replicates for both infected and non infected Salmo salar were measured for each time point.

INSTRUMENT(S): GRASP 16K version 2


PROVIDER: GSE3857 | GEO | 2005-12-20



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Transcriptome profiling the gills of amoebic gill disease (AGD)-affected Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.): a role for tumor suppressor p53 in AGD pathogenesis?

Morrison Richard N RN   Cooper Glenn A GA   Koop Ben F BF   Rise Matthew L ML   Bridle Andrew R AR   Adams Mark B MB   Nowak Barbara F BF  

Physiological genomics 20060221 1

Neoparamoeba spp. are amphizoic amoebae with the capacity to colonize the gills of some marine fish, causing AGD. Here, the gill tissue transcriptome response of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) to AGD is described. Tanks housing Atlantic salmon were inoculated with Neoparamoeba spp. and fish sampled at time points up to 8 days postinoculation (pi.). Gill tissues were taken from AGD-affected fish, and a DNA microarray was used to compare global gene expression against tissues from AGD-unaffected  ...[more]

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