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Integrated genomic analysis illustrates the central role of JAK-STAT pathway activation in myeloproliferative neoplasm pathogenesis [HEL cell lines]

ABSTRACT: We used expression profiling, SNP arrays, and mutational profiling to investigate a well-characterized cohort of MPN patients. MPN patients with homozygous JAK2V617F mutations were characterized by a distinctive transcriptional profile. Notably, a transcriptional signature consistent with activated JAK2 signaling is seen in all MPN patients regardless of clinical phenotype or mutational status. In addition, the activated JAK2 signature was present in patients with somatic CALR mutations. Conversely, we identified a gene expression signature of CALR mutations; this signature was significantly enriched in JAK2-mutant MPN patients consistent with a shared mechanism of transformation by JAK2 and CALR mutations. We also identified a transcriptional signature of TET2 mutations in MPN patent samples. Our data indicate that MPN patients, regardless of diagnosis or JAK mutational status are characterized by a distinct gene expression signature with upregulation of JAK-STAT target genes, demonstrating the central importance of the JAK-STAT pathway in MPN pathogenesis. Overall design: [HEL cell lines] We have performed gene expression profiling in the JAK2V617F homozygous mutant HEL cell line following treatment with 2 independent shRNAs targeting JAK2 or 2 different control shRNAs

INSTRUMENT(S): [U133AAofAv2] Affymetrix GeneChip HT-HG_U133A Early Access Array

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Fatima Al-Shahrour  




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