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PAD4 Inhibition is Sufficient for the Amelioration of Collagen-Induced Arthritis

ABSTRACT: To examine the effects of GSK199 treatment on antibody responses, a synovial antigen array analysis was performed using day 35 sera derived from mice with CIA treated with 30 mg/kg qd, 30 mg/kg bid GSK199 or saline. The synovial antigen arrays contain nearly 200 peptides and proteins, both citrullinated and uncitrullinated, representing candidate antigens in RA. Significance Analysis of Microarrays identified 7 and 14 autoantibody reactivities that were statistically decreased in CIA mice treated with 30 mg/kg qd or 30 mg/kg bid GSK199 respectively, compared to PBS treatment. By comparison, over 150 native and citrullinated epitopes on the arrays did not exhibit significant differences in reactivity. Sera from mice treated with 30 mg/kg GSK199 qd exhibited decreased IgG reactivity to native epitopes such as peptides from human fibrinogen alpha and beta chains and keratin while sera from mice treated with 30 mg/kg bid GSK199 demonstrated decreased IgG reactivity to native epitopes including collagen IV, heat shock protein 65, peptides from human fibrinogen alpha and beta chains (two of which match those that were decreased in the 30 mg/kg qd group), and vimentin as compared to saline controls (q < 0.1%). Decreased autoantibody reactivity to citrullinated peptides from vimentin and fibromodulin were also observed in sera from mice treated with 30 mg/kg bid GSK199 compared to controls treated with saline (q < 0.1%), but not by GSK199 30 mg/kg qd. There were no differences between treatment with GSK199 or saline alone in the levels of autoantibodies to 38 other citrullinated proteins in the array. These data demonstrated that GSK199 treatment decreases the development of autoantibodies in CIA and impairs epitope spreading to a degree similar to that observed with pan-PAD inhibition. Overall design: Custom-spotted protein arrays were probed with day 35 sera samples from individual CIA mice, with seven arrays probed for each of three intervention groups (saline, GSK199 at 30 mg/kg qd, or GSK199 at 30 mg/kg bid).

INSTRUMENT(S): Synovial protein array 0.341K v1.0

SUBMITTER: William Robinson  

PROVIDER: GSE69680 | GEO | 2015-10-08



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