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Transcriptome profiling from a protoplast culture of arabidopsis thaliana-From protoplast to plant : transcrip...

ABSTRACT: ra03-03_protoplats - transcriptome profiling from a protoplast culture of arabidopsis thaliana - transcriptome profiling and comparison of 6 status of differentiation - protoplasts were extracted from plantlet cultivated during 2 weeks then placed in a culture midium which stimulate cell division. Protoplasts were harvested after 0, 24, 48, 96 or 168 hours of culture. Biological repeat has been done (experiments A and C) Keywords: time course Overall design: 16 dye-swap - CATMA arrays

INSTRUMENT(S): URGV Arabidopsis thaliana 25K CATMA_v2.1


PROVIDER: GSE7984 | GEO | 2007-06-20



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Characterization of the early events leading to totipotency in an Arabidopsis protoplast liquid culture by temporal transcript profiling.

Chupeau Marie-Christine MC   Granier Fabienne F   Pichon Olivier O   Renou Jean-Pierre JP   Gaudin Valérie V   Chupeau Yves Y  

The Plant cell 20130731 7

The molecular mechanisms underlying plant cell totipotency are largely unknown. Here, we present a protocol for the efficient regeneration of plants from Arabidopsis thaliana protoplasts. The specific liquid medium used in our study leads to a high rate of reentry into the cell cycle of most cell types, providing a powerful system to study dedifferentiation/regeneration processes in independent somatic cells. To identify the early events in the establishment of totipotency, we monitored the geno  ...[more]

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