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Gene expression profiles of 25 normal human tissues

ABSTRACT: We performed microarray experiments to identify genes specifically expressed in human tissues and investigated association of recombination rates with the tissue-specific genes. Keywords: Human tissue comparison Overall design: Microarray was used to produce a transcriptional profile of normal human tissues representing 25 distinct tissue types. A reference sample (universal tissue mix) was prepared by mixing an equal amount of aRNA from each tissue. All samples used pooled RNA from at least 3 people. Two independent replicates were obtained using dye-swap. Normalization was performed with LOWESS method.

INSTRUMENT(S): Hitachisoft AceGene Human Oligo Chip 30K 1 Chip Version

SUBMITTER: Fuyuki Miya  

PROVIDER: GSE8124 | GEO | 2007-11-14



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Recombination rates of genes expressed in human tissues.

Kato Mamoru M   Miya Fuyuki F   Kanemura Yonehiro Y   Tanaka Toshihiro T   Nakamura Yusuke Y   Tsunoda Tatsuhiko T  

Human molecular genetics 20071113 4

High-resolution recombination rates have recently been revealed in the human genome, and considerable variation in patterns of recombination rates has been found along the chromosomes. Although the associations between this variation and genomic sequence features, such as genic regions, provide information on haplotype diversity and natural selection in these regions, the associations are not well understood. Here, we performed microarray experiments to identify genes specifically expressed in h  ...[more]

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