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In vitro cultured and Ex vivo sorted murine pro-B cells: Wild-type versus Pax5-/-

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INSTRUMENT(S): IMP Vienna microarray facility Murine 28K cDNA array version 18.1

SUBMITTER: Meinrad Busslinger   

PROVIDER: GSE8461 | GEO | 2007-07-13



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Conversion of mature B cells into T cells by dedifferentiation to uncommitted progenitors.

Cobaleda César C   Jochum Wolfram W   Busslinger Meinrad M  

Nature 20070912 7161

Lineage commitment and differentiation to a mature cell type are considered to be unidirectional and irreversible processes under physiological conditions. The commitment of haematopoietic progenitors to the B-cell lineage and their development to mature B lymphocytes critically depend on the transcription factor encoded by the paired box gene 5 (Pax5). Here we show that conditional Pax5 deletion in mice allowed mature B cells from peripheral lymphoid organs to dedifferentiate in vivo back to ea  ...[more]

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