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In vitro cultured murine pro-B cells: Wild-type versus Pax5-/-

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profiling of mouse pro-B cells comparing wild-type and Pax5-deficient cells Keywords: Genetic modification Overall design: Two-condition experiment. Wild-typre versus Pax5-/- pro-B cells. Biological replicates: 4 wild-type, 4 Pax5-/-, independently grown and harvested.

INSTRUMENT(S): IMP Vienna microarray facility Murine 28K cDNA array version 18.1

SUBMITTER: Meinrad Busslinger  

PROVIDER: GSE8457 | GEO | 2007-07-13



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Transcription factor Pax5 activates the chromatin of key genes involved in B cell signaling, adhesion, migration, and immune function.

Schebesta Alexandra A   McManus Shane S   Salvagiotto Giorgia G   Delogu Alessio A   Busslinger Georg A GA   Busslinger Meinrad M  

Immunity 20070719 1

The transcription factor Pax5 represses B lineage-inappropriate genes and activates B cell-specific genes in B lymphocytes. Here we have identified 170 Pax5-activated genes. Conditional mutagenesis demonstrated that the Pax5-regulated genes require continuous Pax5 activity for normal expression in pro-B and mature B cells. Expression of half of the Pax5-activated genes is either absent or substantially reduced upon Pax5 loss in plasma cells. Direct Pax5 target genes were identified based on thei  ...[more]

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