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Transcriptional profiling of Candida albicans wild-type CAI-4 strans treated by Hst5

ABSTRACT: The experiment was designed to study the transcriptional profiling of Candida albicans wild-type CAI-4 strains and corresponding Histatin 5 treated strains. Since Histatin 5 will kill Candida albicans, the focus will be on how many and which genes are significantly affected with the treatment of Histatin 5. Currently, we only conducted the microarray experiments at one concentration of Histatin 5 and one time point of treatment. Keywords: cell type comparison Overall design: Direct balanced design (without reference sample) Four samples/arrays were used in the experiment, which includes 2 dye swap replicates and 2 duplicate experiments. The details are CAI-4-Cy5 <-> Hst5_CAI-4-Cy3 CAI-4-Cy5 <-> Hst5_CAI-4-Cy3 CAI-4-Cy3 <-> Hst5_CAI-4-Cy5 CAI-4-Cy3 <-> Hst5_CAI-4-Cy5 CAI-4 is wild-type strain Hst5_CAI-4 is CAI-4 treated with Histatin 5 for 1hr. under specific conditions.

INSTRUMENT(S): Edgerton Lab Candida albicans SC5314 6k array_ORF6

SUBMITTER: Wansheng Li 

PROVIDER: GSE8473 | GEO | 2007-07-18



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Histatin 5 initiates osmotic stress response in Candida albicans via activation of the Hog1 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway.

Vylkova Slavena S   Jang Woong Sik WS   Li Wansheng W   Nayyar Namrata N   Edgerton Mira M  

Eukaryotic cell 20070822 10

Histatin 5 (Hst 5) is a salivary cationic peptide that has toxicity for Candida albicans by inducing rapid cellular ion imbalance and cell volume loss. Microarray analyses of peptide-treated cells were used to evaluate global gene responses elicited by Hst 5. The major transcriptional response of C. albicans to Hst 5 was expression of genes involved in adaptation to osmotic stress, including production of glycerol (RHR2, SKO1, and PDC11) and the general stress response (CTA1 and HSP70). The oxid  ...[more]

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