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RNA-Seq of eye tissues from Monkey eye and retina samples

ABSTRACT: We report RNA-Seq experiments of eye and retinal tissues from different ocular compartments in the Monkey Overall design: Examine ocular tissue from different regions of the Monkey eye and retina

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx (Macaca fascicularis)

SUBMITTER: Xiaodong Bai 

PROVIDER: GSE84929 | GEO | 2016-09-12



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Transcriptome analysis reveals rod/cone photoreceptor specific signatures across mammalian retinas.

Mustafi Debarshi D   Kevany Brian M BM   Bai Xiaodong X   Golczak Marcin M   Adams Mark D MD   Wynshaw-Boris Anthony A   Palczewski Krzysztof K  

Human molecular genetics 20161001 20

A defined set of genetic instructions encodes functionality in complex organisms. Delineating these unique genetic signatures is essential to understanding the formation and functionality of specialized tissues. Vision, one of the five central senses of perception, is initiated by the retina and has evolved over time to produce rod and cone photoreceptors that vary in a species-specific manner, and in some cases by geographical region resulting in higher order visual acuity in humans. RNA-sequen  ...[more]

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