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Estrogen-like activity in cell signaling of lignans

ABSTRACT: Comparing the expression profiles of the genes in response to 17b-estradiol (E2) and lignans (sesamin (SE), enterodiol (ED), enterolactone (EL), matairesinol (MR), pinoresinol (PR)). Overall design: Two-condition experiment, E2- or each lignan-treated vs. control cells. Three biological replicates, independently grown and harvested. Three replicates per array.

INSTRUMENT(S): AIST Human EstrArray 2

SUBMITTER: zhu yun 

PROVIDER: GSE86565 | GEO | 2017-03-08



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Differential and directional estrogenic signaling pathways induced by enterolignans and their precursors.

Zhu Yun Y   Kawaguchi Kayoko K   Kiyama Ryoiti R  

PloS one 20170202 2

Mammalian lignans or enterolignans are metabolites of plant lignans, an important category of phytochemicals. Although they are known to be associated with estrogenic activity, cell signaling pathways leading to specific cell functions, and especially the differences among lignans, have not been explored. We examined the estrogenic activity of enterolignans and their precursor plant lignans and cell signaling pathways for some cell functions, cell cycle and chemokine secretion. We used DNA micro  ...[more]

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