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In vivo analysis of injury sites presenting full or attenuated pericyte-derived scarring after spinal cord injury (SCI)

ABSTRACT: A subpopulation of pericytes expressing the Glast-CreERT2 transgene (Type A pericytes) has recently been identified as the main source of stromal scar tissue that forms after SCI. Identification of molecules associated with pericyte-derived scarring may offer new therapeutic targets to facilitate axon regeneration following central nervous system (CNS) injury. We conducted genome-wide RNA sequencing of (i) uninjured spinal cord segments and (ii) lesion sites presenting full or attenuated pericyte-derived scarring 14 days after SCI. Overall design: Adult Glast-Rasless-YFP (Glast-CreERT2 x R26R-YFP x Rasless) mice receiving vehicle (Veh) or tamoxifen (Tam) underwent dorsal hemisection at high thoracic level. Fourteen days after SCI, injury sites were dissected out, homogenized and total RNA was isolated from lesions presenting (i) dense (Veh, n=4) and (ii) attenuated (Tam, n=4) pericyte-derived scarring. Age-matched Glast-Rasless-YFP mice served as uninjured controls (n=4).

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2000 (Mus musculus)

SUBMITTER: Joakim Lundeberg 

PROVIDER: GSE93976 | GEO | 2018-02-27


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Reducing Pericyte-Derived Scarring Promotes Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury.

Dias David Oliveira DO   Kim Hoseok H   Holl Daniel D   Werne Solnestam Beata B   Lundeberg Joakim J   Carlén Marie M   Göritz Christian C   Frisén Jonas J  

Cell 20180301 1

CNS injury often severs axons. Scar tissue that forms locally at the lesion site is thought to block axonal regeneration, resulting in permanent functional deficits. We report that inhibiting the generation of progeny by a subclass of pericytes led to decreased fibrosis and extracellular matrix deposition after spinal cord injury in mice. Regeneration of raphespinal and corticospinal tract axons was enhanced and sensorimotor function recovery improved following spinal cord injury in animals with  ...[more]

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