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Next Generation Sequencing Analysis of miRNA expression profile in E9.5 mouse embryonic heart

ABSTRACT: Purpose: To identify miRNA expresssion profiles in E9.5 mouse embryonic heart Methods: Total RNA of E9.5 heart were extracted with TRIZOL, miRNA deep sequencing were performed in using Illumina Hiseq 2500, SE50 (RIBOBIO,, producing over 10 million reads from each sample. Clean reads were mapped to mouse genome (mm9), using miRDeep2 Results: MiRNAs that were highly expressed in E9.5 embryonic heart were identified Conclusions: Results provide insight into the role of miRNAs function in E9.5 embryonic heart development Overall design: Perform miRNA sequencing in wild type E9.5 mouse embryonic heart

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Mus musculus)


PROVIDER: GSE96645 | GEO | 2018-09-12


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Dgcr8 deletion in the primitive heart uncovered novel microRNA regulating the balance of cardiac-vascular gene program.

Chen Xi X   Wang Lin L   Huang Rujin R   Qiu Hui H   Wang Peizhe P   Wu Daren D   Zhu Yonglin Y   Ming Jia J   Wang Yangming Y   Wang Jianbin J   Na Jie J  

Protein & cell 20180820 5

Primitive mammalian heart transforms from a single tube to a four-chambered muscular organ during a short developmental window. We found that knocking out global microRNA by deleting Dgcr8 microprocessor in Mesp1 cardiovascular progenitor cells lead to the formation of extremely dilated and enlarged heart due to defective cardiomyocyte (CM) differentiation. Transcriptome analysis revealed unusual upregulation of vascular gene expression in Dgcr8 cKO hearts. Single cell RNA sequencing study furth  ...[more]

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