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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: High-resolution genetic analysis of cancer cell lines with near normal karyotypes

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Subtle genomic alterations and genomic instability revealed in diploid cancer cell lines.

Mao Xueying X   Young Bryan D BD   Chaplin Tracy T   Shipley Janet J   Lu Yong-Jie YJ  

Cancer letters 20080414 1

To investigate if genomic instability exists in tumors with cytogenetically normal karyotypes, we analyzed four diploid cancer cell lines A204, CAL51, CH1 and SK-UT-1B. We detected subtle genomic changes in all four cell lines. More of these alterations were found in A204 and CH1 than in the microsatellite unstable lines CAL51 and SK-UT-1B. The number of de novo, non-clonal chromosome rearrangements was also significantly higher in CH1 than CAL51 and SK-UT-1B (p=0.001). This study reveals multip  ...[more]

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