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Lotus japonicus

ABSTRACT: Glutathione-induced elicitation of defense responses in Lotus japonicus.



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Transcription factors of Lotus: regulation of isoflavonoid biosynthesis requires coordinated changes in transcription factor activity.

Shelton Dale D   Stranne Maria M   Mikkelsen Lisbeth L   Pakseresht Nima N   Welham Tracey T   Hiraka Hideki H   Tabata Satoshi S   Sato Shusei S   Paquette Suzanne S   Wang Trevor L TL   Martin Cathie C   Bailey Paul P  

Plant physiology 20120423 2

Isoflavonoids are a class of phenylpropanoids made by legumes, and consumption of dietary isoflavonoids confers benefits to human health. Our aim is to understand the regulation of isoflavonoid biosynthesis. Many studies have shown the importance of transcription factors in regulating the transcription of one or more genes encoding enzymes in phenylpropanoid metabolism. In this study, we coupled bioinformatics and coexpression analysis to identify candidate genes encoding transcription factors i  ...[more]

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