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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Function of Pitx2 in postnatal heart

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Pitx2, an atrial fibrillation predisposition gene, directly regulates ion transport and intercalated disc genes.

Tao Ye Y   Zhang Min M   Li Lele L   Bai Yan Y   Zhou Yuefang Y   Moon Anne M AM   Kaminski Henry J HJ   Martin James F JF  

Circulation. Cardiovascular genetics 20140106 1

Pitx2 is the homeobox gene located in proximity to the human 4q25 familial atrial fibrillation (AF) locus. When deleted in the mouse germline, Pitx2 haploinsufficiency predisposes to pacing-induced AF, indicating that reduced Pitx2 promotes an arrhythmogenic substrate. Previous work focused on Pitx2 developmental functions that predispose to AF. Although Pitx2 is expressed in postnatal left atrium, it is unknown whether Pitx2 has distinct postnatal and developmental functions.To investigate Pitx  ...[more]

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