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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Functional assessment of CTCF sites at cytokine-sensing mammary enhancers in mammary gland [4C-seq]



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Functional assessment of CTCF sites at cytokine-sensing mammary enhancers using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing in mice.

Lee Hye Kyung HK   Willi Michaela M   Wang Chaochen C   Yang Chul Min CM   Smith Harold E HE   Liu Chengyu C   Hennighausen Lothar L  

Nucleic acids research 20170501 8

The zinc finger protein CTCF has been invoked in establishing boundaries between genes, thereby controlling spatial and temporal enhancer activities. However, there is limited genetic evidence to support the concept that these boundaries restrict the search space of enhancers. We have addressed this question in the casein locus containing five mammary and two non-mammary genes under the control of at least seven putative enhancers. We have identified two CTCF binding sites flanking the locus and  ...[more]

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