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20 human soft-tissue sarcomas (TMT)

ABSTRACT: SCX fractiond, TMT labeled pleomorphic soft-tissue sarcomas. 32 raw files (8x4) plus 8 pools (also TMT labeled) corresponding to each SCX fraction are submitted. The latter were used to propagate identifications across the runs.


ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

TISSUE(S): Soft Tissue Sarcoma Cell

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Ufuk Kirik  

LAB HEAD: Ana Carneiro

PROVIDER: PXD000617 | Pride | 2020-01-27


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Discovery-based protein expression profiling identifies distinct subgroups and pathways in leiomyosarcomas.

Kirik Ufuk U   Hansson Karin K   Krogh Morten M   Jönsson Mats M   Nilbert Mef M   James Peter P   Carneiro Ana A  

Molecular cancer research : MCR 20140728 12

Soft tissue sarcomas (STS) are malignant tumors of mesenchymal origin. A substantial portion of these tumors exhibits complex karyotypes and lack characterized chromosomal aberrations. Owing to such properties, both histopathologic and molecular classification of these tumors has been a significant challenge. This study examines the protein expression of a large number of human STS, including subtype heterogeneity, using two-dimensional gel proteomics. In addition, detailed proteome profiles of  ...[more]

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