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Mouse retina proteomics - Integrative subcellular proteomic analysis allows accurate prediction of human disease causing genes

ABSTRACT: Proteomic experiments were performed on the outer segment (OS) and the remaining retina (RR). For the OS proteomics, three biological replicates were performed for mouse at the age of P15, which included 24, 26 and 26 retinas respectively. We also performed the OS proteomic experiment on 40 retinas from mice at age P13. For the RR proteomic experiments, two biological replicates were performed independently using 30 and 30 retinas respectively.


ORGANISM(S): Mus Musculus (mouse)

TISSUE(S): Retina, Eye Photoreceptor Cell


LAB HEAD: Rui Chen

PROVIDER: PXD003441 | Pride | 2016-02-26


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Integrative subcellular proteomic analysis allows accurate prediction of human disease-causing genes.

Zhao Li L   Chen Yiyun Y   Bajaj Amol Onkar AO   Eblimit Aiden A   Xu Mingchu M   Soens Zachry T ZT   Wang Feng F   Ge Zhongqi Z   Jung Sung Yun SY   He Feng F   Li Yumei Y   Wensel Theodore G TG   Qin Jun J   Chen Rui R  

Genome research 20160224 5

Proteomic profiling on subcellular fractions provides invaluable information regarding both protein abundance and subcellular localization. When integrated with other data sets, it can greatly enhance our ability to predict gene function genome-wide. In this study, we performed a comprehensive proteomic analysis on the light-sensing compartment of photoreceptors called the outer segment (OS). By comparing with the protein profile obtained from the retina tissue depleted of OS, an enrichment scor  ...[more]

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