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Mass spectrometry based quantitative proteome analyses for the import mutants ppi2 and tic56-1 as well as for spectinomycin treated Arabidopsis thalian plants

ABSTRACT: We acquired quantitative proteomics data from eight week old ppi2 and tic56-1 mutants as well as from wild type treated with 60 µg/ml spectinomycin and related them to their respective wildtype reference. Protein identification and quantification was performed by data-independent MSE acquisition on a Synapt G2S mass spectrometer (Waters). Quantification was based on the Hi3 method (Silva et al., 2006). Silva, J.C., Gorenstein, M.V., Li, G.Z., Vissers, J.P., and Geromanos, S.J. (2006). Absolute quantification of proteins by LCMSE: a virtue of parallel MS acquisition. Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP 5, 144-156.


ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

TISSUE(S): Root, Rosette

DISEASE(S): Disease Free

SUBMITTER: Sacha Baginsky  

LAB HEAD: Sacha Baginsky

PROVIDER: PXD004125 | Pride | 2016-12-14


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Importance of Translocon Subunit Tic56 for rRNA Processing and Chloroplast Ribosome Assembly.

Köhler Daniel D   Helm Stefan S   Agne Birgit B   Baginsky Sacha S  

Plant physiology 20161012 4

Toc159-containing complexes at the outer chloroplast envelope membrane form stable supercomplexes with a 1-MD translocon at the inner chloroplast envelope membrane of which Tic56 is one essential subunit. While the single mutants tic56-1 and ppi2 (toc159) have an albino phenotype and are able to grow heterotrophically, we find the double mutant to be embryo lethal. Comprehensive quantitative proteome profiling with both single mutants in combination with GeneChip analyses identified a posttransc  ...[more]

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