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Top-Down proteomics of unfractionated Bovine heart mitochondria

ABSTRACT: Top-Down proteomics pilot experiment of unfractionated Bovine Heart Mitochondria (BHM) using ultra high resolution Q-ToF tandem mass spectrometry (maXis 4G ETD, Bruker Daltonics).


ORGANISM(S): Bos taurus  

TISSUE(S): Heart

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Hans Wessels  

LAB HEAD: Alain J van Gool

PROVIDER: PXD005350 | Pride | 2018-04-05


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Thanks to proteomics investigations, our vision of the role of different protein isoforms in the pathophysiology of diseases has largely evolved. The idea that protein biomarkers like tau, amyloid peptides, ApoE, cystatin, or neurogranin are represented in body fluids as single species is obviously over-simplified, as most proteins are present in different isoforms and subjected to numerous processing and post-translational modifications. Measuring the intact mass of proteins by MS has the advan  ...[more]

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