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Global protein expression profiles of laboratory isolated mutants of E. coli K12, MG1655

ABSTRACT: Resistance to the antibiotic mecillinam in Escherichia coli can be conferred by mutations in over 100 genes. In this study we compared the global protein expression levels in a number of mecillinam resistant mutants originating from E. coli MG1655 to the levels in the parental strain.

INSTRUMENT(S): Orbitrap Fusion ETD, Q Exactive

ORGANISM(S): Escherichia coli  

TISSUE(S): Tissue Not Applicable To Dataset

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Egor Vorontsov  

LAB HEAD: Dan I Andersson

PROVIDER: PXD007647 | Pride | 2019-07-29


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Upregulation of PBP1B and LpoB in cysB Mutants Confers Mecillinam (Amdinocillin) Resistance in Escherichia coli.

Thulin Elisabeth E   Andersson Dan I DI  

Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 20190923 10

Mecillinam (amdinocillin) is a β-lactam antibiotic that inhibits the essential penicillin-binding protein 2 (PBP2). In clinical isolates of Escherichia coli from urinary tract infections, inactivation of the cysB gene (which encodes the main regulator of cysteine biosynthesis, CysB) is the major cause of resistance. How a nonfunctional CysB protein confers resistance is unknown, however, and in this study we wanted to examine the mechanism of resistance. Results show that cysB mutations cause a  ...[more]

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