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Brummel-Ziedins2012 - Contribution of the PC pathway to thrombin generation

ABSTRACT: Mathematical model of the blood coagulation cascade including meizothrombin, protein C, thrombomodulin, factor VIIIa fragments, partially proteolyzed factor Va species and inactive factor Va fragments.

SUBMITTER: Matthew Roberts  

PROVIDER: MODEL1807180002 | BioModels | 2018-07-18


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The prothrombotic phenotypes in familial protein C deficiency are differentiated by computational modeling of thrombin generation.

Brummel-Ziedins Kathleen E KE   Orfeo Thomas T   Callas Peter W PW   Gissel Matthew M   Mann Kenneth G KG   Bovill Edwin G EG  

PloS one 20120912 9

The underlying cause of thrombosis in a large protein C (PC) deficient Vermont kindred appears to be multicausal and not explained by PC deficiency alone. We evaluated the contribution of coagulation factors to thrombin generation in this population utilizing a mathematical model that incorporates a mechanistic description of the PC pathway. Thrombin generation profiles for each individual were generated with and without the contribution of the PC pathway. Parameters that describe thrombin gener  ...[more]

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