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Willems1991 - Simulating thrombin generation

ABSTRACT: Mathematical model of blood coagulation to simulate factor IIa, Va and Xa concentration profiles. Publication also illustrates the effect of hirudin on factor IIa, Va and Xa generation.

SUBMITTER: Matthew Roberts  

PROVIDER: MODEL1807240002 | BioModels | 2018-07-24


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Simulation model for thrombin generation in plasma.

Willems G M GM   Lindhout T T   Hermens W T WT   Hemker H C HC  

Haemostasis 19910101 4

A simulation model for the production of thrombin in plasma is presented. Values of the reaction rate constants as determined in purified systems are used and the model is tested by comparison of simulations of factor Xa, factor Va and thrombin generation curves with experimental data obtained in thromboplastin-activated plasma. Simulations of the effect of hirudin indicate that factor V is predominantly activated by thrombin and not by factor Xa. The model predicts a threshold value for the fac  ...[more]

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