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Nagashima2002 - Simulating blood coagulation inhibitory effects

ABSTRACT: Mathematical model of blood coagulation and the effects of inhibitors of Xa, Va:Xa and IIa.

SUBMITTER: Krishna Kumar Tiwari  

PROVIDER: BIOMD0000000747 | BioModels | 2019-07-10


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Studies on the different modes of action of the anticoagulant protease inhibitors DX-9065a and Argatroban. I. Effects on thrombin generation.

Nagashima Hajime H  

The Journal of biological chemistry 20021022 52

The present study began with mathematical modeling of how inhibitors of both factor Xa (fXa) and thrombin affect extrinsic pathway-triggered blood coagulation. Numerical simulation demonstrated a stronger inhibition of thrombin generation by a thrombin inhibitor than a fXa inhibitor, but both prolonged clot time to a similar extent when they were given an equal dissociation constant (30 nm) for interaction with their respective target enzymes. These differences were then tested by comparison wit  ...[more]

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