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MicroRNAs of Bombyx mori identified by Solexa sequencing

ABSTRACT: Background: MicroRNA (miRNA) and other small regulatory RNAs contribute to the modulation of a large number of cellular processes. We sequenced three total RNA libraries prepared from the whole body, and the anterior and posterior silk glands of Bombyx mori, with a view to expanding the repertoire of silkworm miRNAs and exploring transcriptional differences in miRNAs between segments of the silk gland. Results: With the aid of large-scale Solexa sequencing technology, we validated 244 unique miRNA genes, including 191 novel and 53 previously reported genes, corresponding to 309 loci in the silkworm genome. Interestingly, 24 unique miRNAs were widely conserved from invertebrates to vertebrates; 12 unique ones were limited to invertebrates and 33 were confined to insects; whereas the majority of the newly identified miRNAs were silkworm-specific. We identified 21 clusters and 42 paralogs of miRNAs in the silkworm genome. However, sequence tags showed that paralogs or clusters are not prerequisites for coordinated transcription and accumulation. The majority of silkworm-specific miRNAs are located in transposable elements, and display significant differences in abundance between the anterior and posterior silk glands. Conclusions: Conservative analysis revealed that miRNAs serve as phylogenetic markers and function in evolutionary signaling. The newly identified miRNAs greatly enriched the repertoire of insect miRNAs, and provide insights into miRNA evolution, biogenesis, and expression in insects. The differential expression of miRNAs in the anterior and posterior silk glands supports their involvement as new layers in the regulation of the silkworm silk gland. Overall design: Sequencing three total RNA pools of the whole silkworm body from 5th-instar day-3 larvae, and anterior and posterior silkworm silk glands, using the latest sequencing Solexa technology

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina Genome Analyzer II (Bombyx mori)

ORGANISM(S): Bombyx mori  

SUBMITTER: Qingyou Xia  

PROVIDER: GSE17965 | GEO | 2010-02-01



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