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HU treated cells vs wildtype untreated cells (asynchronized cells)

ABSTRACT: DNA replication checkpiont kinase rad3 (human ATM/ATR-like kinase) and cds1 (human CHK2-like kinase) are known to restore stalled replication forks and prevent subsequent cell cycle progression during a replication block imposed by HU-treatment in fission yeast. In order to identify cell cycle-specific exression which are modulated by replication checkpoint kinase rad3 and cds1, microarray approach was used to profile asynchronous and synchronous cells of wildtype and mutants treated and untreated with HU Keywords: HU treated cells vs wildtype untreated cells Overall design: We analyzed 60 arrays for asynchronized cells of wildtype and rad3,cds1,chk1 mutants treated with 8 mM HU for 0,10,30,60 and 120 min,three biological repeats for each time point, 10 arrays for asynchronized cells of rad3sep1 double mutant treated with 8 mM HU for 0,10,30,60 and 120 mins,two biological repeat for each time point.

INSTRUMENT(S): S. pombe 10K long oligonucleotide array

SUBMITTER: Zhaoqing Chu  

PROVIDER: GSE4280 | GEO | 2007-12-20



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Modulation of cell cycle-specific gene expressions at the onset of S phase arrest contributes to the robust DNA replication checkpoint response in fission yeast.

Chu Zhaoqing Z   Li Juntao J   Eshaghi Majid M   Peng Xu X   Karuturi R Krishna M RK   Liu Jianhua J  

Molecular biology of the cell 20070301 5

Fission yeast replication checkpoint kinases Rad3p and Cds1p are essential for maintaining cell viability after transient treatment with hydroxyurea (HU), an agent that blocks DNA replication. Although current studies have focused on the cyclin-dependent protein kinase Cdc2p that is regulated by these checkpoint kinases, other aspects of their functions at the onset of S phase arrest have not been fully understood. In this study, we use genome-wide DNA microarray analyses to show that HU-induced  ...[more]

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