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The Severe Pathogenicity of Infected Ferrets Depleted of Alveolar Macrophages with 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus

ABSTRACT: The infected ferrets depleted of alveolar macrophages showed up-regulation of inflammatory related genes compared to the infected ferrets which has alveolar macrophage. There are three group of ferret. One is the infected ferrets depleted of alveolar macrophages. Another is the infected ferret non-depleted of alveolar macrophages. The other is mock Overall design: This is the data of ferrets infected with influenza virus. After challenge influenza virus to animals, I collected total RNA from lung of ferret to compare their gene expression level which is related with inflammation. Control is the uninfected mock ferret. CL is the ferret which is treated with some medicine and challenged with influenza virus. PBS is the ferret untreated and challenged with influenza virus. In this study I just want to compare gene expression level of control, CL and PBS. These are all RNA of ferrets.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-021193 Canine (V2) Gene Expression Microarray (ProbeName version)

SUBMITTER: Heui Man Kim  

PROVIDER: GSE43813 | GEO | 2013-01-29



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