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A Randomized Clinical Trial to Study the Effects of Single Doses of Corticosteroid on Response to Nasal Allergen Challenge in Patients

ABSTRACT: We profiled genome-wide gene expression in nasal scrapes following grass pollen challenge and Prednisone treatment. It was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, three-period, cross-over trial to evaluate the effects of single oral doses of 10 mg and 25 mg of prednisone on inflammatory mediators measured in nasal exudates after nasal allergen challenge in susceptible individuals with allergic rhinitis. It examined the ability to quantify responses to allergen challenge and resolve dose responsive treatment effects of prednisone. Overall design: This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, three treatment period crossover study in 19 healthy patients with allergic rhinitis and allergy to grass pollen. Allergen was rapidly delivered using a nasal mist delivery system. Period 0 was a baseline in the absence of allergen challenge.

INSTRUMENT(S): Rosetta/Merck Human RSTA Custom Affymetrix 2.0 microarray [HuRSTA-2a520709]

SUBMITTER: Vladislav Malkov  

PROVIDER: GSE67200 | GEO | 2017-03-23



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The nasal mucosal late allergic reaction to grass pollen involves type 2 inflammation (IL-5 and IL-13), the inflammasome (IL-1β), and complement.

Leaker B R BR   Malkov V A VA   Mogg R R   Ruddy M K MK   Nicholson G C GC   Tan A J AJ   Tribouley C C   Chen G G   De Lepeleire I I   Calder N A NA   Chung H H   Lavender P P   Carayannopoulos L N LN   Hansel T T TT  

Mucosal immunology 20160928 2

Non-invasive mucosal sampling (nasosorption and nasal curettage) was used following nasal allergen challenge with grass pollen in subjects with allergic rhinitis, in order to define the molecular basis of the late allergic reaction (LAR). It was found that the nasal LAR to grass pollen involves parallel changes in pathways of type 2 inflammation (IL-4, IL-5 and IL-13), inflammasome-related (IL-1β), and complement and circadian-associated genes. A grass pollen nasal spray was given to subjects wi  ...[more]

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