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Differentially expressed genes in radioresistant nasopharyngeal cancer cells

ABSTRACT: The NPC parental cell lines were seeded at a density of 1 x 105/T25 flask (30% to 40% confluency) in complete medium. After 24 hours of cell seeding, various doses from 6 to 14 Gy were administered to determine the sublethal dose for each cell line. The radiation was delivered at room temperature at 300 cGy/min with a linear accelerator (2100EX, Varian, VA, USA). To establish RR subclone, the NPC cells were received the sublethal dose of irradiation. After treatment, the surviving cells were selected and cultured to produce first generation of the subline cells. Again, the subline cells were received sublethal dose of irradiation and the surviving cells were cultured to produce next generation of the subline cells. Up to four generations of NPC cells were produced and defined the forth generation cells as RR subclone. Keywords: Parental vs. subclone cell line comparison Overall design: Array 1, NPC-076 Cy5 vers. NPC076-RR Cy3 Array 2, NPC-076-RR Cy5 vers. NPC-076 Cy3 Array 3, NPC-BM1 Cy5 vers. NPC-BM1-RR Cy3 Array 4, NPC-BM1-RR Cy5 vers. NPC-BM1 Cy3


SUBMITTER: Yun-Shien Lee 

PROVIDER: GSE7817 | GEO | 2008-05-01



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