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Gut microbiota transplantation in conventional mice

ABSTRACT: Gut microbiota dysbiosis characterizes systemic metabolic alteration, yet its causality is debated. To address this issue, we transplanted antibiotic-free conventional wild-type mice with either dysbiotic (“obese”) or eubiotic (“lean”) gut microbiota and fed them either a NC or a 72%HFD. We report that, on NC, obese gut microbiota transplantation reduces hepatic gluconeogenesis with decreased hepatic PEPCK activity, compared to non-transplanted mice. Of note, this phenotype is blunted in conventional NOD2KO mice. By contrast, lean microbiota transplantation did not affect hepatic gluconeogenesis. In addition, obese microbiota transplantation changed both gut microbiota and microbiome of recipient mice. Interestingly, hepatic gluconeogenesis, PEPCK and G6Pase activity were reduced even once mice transplanted with the obese gut microbiota were fed a 72%HFD, together with reduced fed glycaemia and adiposity compared to non-transplanted mice. Notably, changes in gut microbiota and microbiome induced by the transplantation were still detectable on 72%HFD. Finally, we report that obese gut microbiota transplantation may impact on hepatic metabolism and even prevent HFD-increased hepatic gluconeogenesis. Our findings may provide a new vision of gut microbiota dysbiosis, useful for a better understanding of the aetiology of metabolic diseases. all livers are from NC-fed mice only. Overall design: 6-wk-old C57Bl/6 male mice were fed a normal chow (NC) for 4 weeks. Mice have been transplanted with the vehicle (reduced PBS), or lean or obese gut microbiota. At the sacrifice by cervical dislocation, livers were dissected and snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen per each mouse.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-074809 SurePrint G3 Mouse GE v2 8x60K Microarray [Feature Number version]

SUBMITTER: Matteo Serino  

PROVIDER: GSE81318 | GEO | 2017-03-16



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