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Gene regulation in ES cell lines with different nuclei donor cell sources

ABSTRACT: Comparison of ES cell line of different genetic background and different cloning methods to identify changes on gene expression levels between these ES cell lines. The main question behind the experiments id, if there is major/important difference on gene expression level between NT embryo-derived ES cell liens and control embryo derived ES cell lines. Ih has an effect on therapeutic cloning that means the nuclei donor cell source could be an important question. We also included different genetic background cell lines (HM-1 is 129/SV, #4 ES cell line is B6D2F1 derived heterozygote cell line) to compare the effect of gentic background differences. Hetero- and homozygosis con be compared based on the PGA ES cell line from the same genetic backgound. Keywords: cDNA microarray, murine ES cells, nucleous transfer Overall design: 13 comparisons of different ES cell lines with different nuclei donor cell sources. For each sample comparison 4 chip experiments were performed including 2 dye swaps. Two ES cell lines derived from cumulus nuclei donor cells but differetn cloning methods was used to produce the embryos

INSTRUMENT(S): GSF/IEG mouse 21K array (+RZPD)

SUBMITTER: Martin Irmler 

PROVIDER: GSE8424 | GEO | 2008-05-30



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