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Collateral sensitivity of antibiotic resistant bacteria to antimicrobial peptides

ABSTRACT: Cationic antimicrobial peptides (CAPs) are promising novel alternatives to conventional antibacterial agents, but the overlap in resistance mechanisms between small-molecule antibiotics and CAPs is unknown. Does evolution of antibiotic resistance decrease (cross-resistance) or increase (collateral sensitivity) susceptibility to CAPs? We systematically addressed this issue by studying the susceptibilities of a comprehensive set of antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli strains towards 24 antimicrobial peptides. Strikingly, antibiotic resistant bacteria frequently showed collateral sensitivity to CAPs, while cross-resistance was relatively rare. We identified clinically relevant multidrug resistance mutations that simultaneously elevate susceptibility to certain CAPs. Transcriptome and chemogenomic analysis revealed that such mutations frequently alter the lipopolysaccharide composition of the outer cell membrane and thereby increase the killing efficiency of membrane-interacting antimicrobial peptides. Furthermore, we identified CAP-antibiotic combinations that rescue the activity of existing antibiotics and slow down the evolution of resistance to antibiotics. Our work provides a proof of principle for the development of peptide based antibiotic adjuvants that enhance antibiotic action and block evolution of resistance. Overall design: 84 samples were collected from Escherichia coli lines adapted to one of 12 antibiotics as well as from non-adapted controls. Two parallel lines for each antibiotic were included in the assay. Sample groups contain 3 biological replicates.

INSTRUMENT(S): AB 5500xl Genetic Analyzer (Escherichia coli)

SUBMITTER: Balazs Balint  

PROVIDER: GSE96706 | GEO | 2018-03-29


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Antimicrobial peptides are promising alternative antimicrobial agents. However, little is known about whether resistance to small-molecule antibiotics leads to cross-resistance (decreased sensitivity) or collateral sensitivity (increased sensitivity) to antimicrobial peptides. We systematically addressed this question by studying the susceptibilities of a comprehensive set of 60 antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli strains towards 24 antimicrobial peptides. Strikingly, antibiotic-resistant bact  ...[more]

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