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Metabolomic profiling of IDH1 mutation

ABSTRACT: We are interested in using both spontaneous and stimulated Raman microscopy to visualize these metabolomic changes as spectral alterations. We have two isogneic cell lines of normal human astrocytes differing only by a point mutation in the IDH-1 gene. We will work with the metabolomics core to elucidate the changes in central metabolism and lipid synthesys in an effort to determine the precise biochemical alterations underlying observed spectral differences. We wil then use a selective inhibitor of the IDH1 R132H to demonstrate to attempt to return TCA metabolome and lipidome to WT phenotype. Lastly, we will use a cell-permeablized variant of 2HG (2R-octyl-alpha-hydroxyglutarate) to recaptitulate the R132H mutant phenotype in wild-type cells, providing strong evidence that 2HG accumulation uderlies the metabolomic (and thus, spectral) changes observed.

INSTRUMENT(S): Triple quadrupole

TISSUE(S): Astrocyte Cells

DISEASE(S): Cancer

SUBMITTER: Maureen Kachman  

PROVIDER: ST000821 | MetabolomicsWorkbench | Fri Jul 14 00:00:00 BST 2017

REPOSITORIES: MetabolomicsWorkbench

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