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Arabidopsis thaliana

ABSTRACT: Expression data from in-vitro induced Interfascicular Cambium of Arabidopsis thaliana



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Characterization of transcriptome remodeling during cambium formation identifies MOL1 and RUL1 as opposing regulators of secondary growth.

Agusti Javier J   Lichtenberger Raffael R   Schwarz Martina M   Nehlin Lilian L   Greb Thomas T  

PLoS genetics 20110217 2

Cell-to-cell communication is crucial for the development of multicellular organisms, especially during the generation of new tissues and organs. Secondary growth--the lateral expansion of plant growth axes--is a highly dynamic process that depends on the activity of the cambium. The cambium is a stem cell-like tissue whose activity is responsible for wood production and, thus, for the establishment of extended shoot and root systems. Attempts to study cambium regulation at the molecular level h  ...[more]

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