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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: LncPHx2 RNA-interactome

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Partial Hepatectomy Induced Long Noncoding RNA Inhibits Hepatocyte Proliferation during Liver Regeneration.

Huang Lulu L   Damle Sagar S SS   Booten Sheri S   Singh Priyam P   Sabripour Mahyar M   Hsu Jeff J   Jo Minji M   Katz Melanie M   Watt Andy A   Hart Christopher E CE   Freier Susan M SM   Monia Brett P BP   Guo Shuling S  

PloS one 20150724 7

Liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy (PHx) is a complex and well-orchestrated biological process in which synchronized cell proliferation is induced in response to the loss of liver mass. To define long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) that participate in the regulation of liver regeneration, we performed microarray analysis and identified more than 400 lncRNAs exhibiting significantly altered expression. Of these, one lncRNA, LncPHx2 (Long noncoding RNA induced by PHx 2), was highly upregulated  ...[more]

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