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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: MYD88 L265P differential expression analysis

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Synergistic cooperation and crosstalk between MYD88L265P and mutations that dysregulate CD79B and surface IgM.

Wang James Q JQ   Jeelall Yogesh S YS   Humburg Peter P   Batchelor Emma L EL   Kaya Sarp M SM   Yoo Hee Min HM   Goodnow Christopher C CC   Horikawa Keisuke K  

The Journal of experimental medicine 20170712 9

CD79B and MYD88 mutations are frequently and simultaneously detected in B cell malignancies. It is not known if these mutations cooperate or how crosstalk occurs. Here we analyze the consequences of CD79B and MYD88L265P mutations individually and combined in normal activated mouse B lymphocytes. CD79B mutations alone increased surface IgM but did not enhance B cell survival, proliferation, or altered NF-κB responsive markers. Conversely, B cells expressing MYD88L265P decreased surface IgM couple  ...[more]

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