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Proteome analysis of the M. tuberculosis Beijing B0/W148 cluster

ABSTRACT: The main project purpose is to investigate the fundamental physiological state of M. tuberculosis (MTB) during the infection and the mycobacterial response within the infected host tissue, human lung. High-throughput proteomic analysis of MTB cells will be involved to solve this problem. The description of pattern of proteins expressed in MTB cells extracted directly from clinical material of patients with tuberculosis defines the main novelty of the given project. Undoubtedly, the intermediate project results describing the features of MTB strains proteome in vitro will also be essential for the global scientific community.


ORGANISM(S): Mycobacterium tuberculosis   Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv   Mycobacterium tuberculosis SP10   Mycobacterium tuberculosis SP7   Mycobacterium tuberculosis SP13   Mycobacterium tuberculosis SP1   Mycobacterium tuberculosis SP22  

TISSUE(S): Tissue Not Applicable To Dataset

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Ilya Altukhov  

LAB HEAD: Elena Ilina

PROVIDER: PXD002542 | Pride | 2016-07-06


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Beijing B0/W148, a "successful" clone of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is widespread in the Russian Federation and some countries of the former Soviet Union. Here, we used label-free gel-LC-MS/MS shotgun proteomics to discover features of Beijing B0/W148 strains that could explain their success. Qualitative and quantitative proteome analyses of Beijing B0/W148 strains allowed us to identify 1,868 proteins, including 266 that were differentially abundant compared with the control strain H37Rv. To p  ...[more]

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