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Proteomic analysis of Candida albicans after serial systemic infection in murine model

ABSTRACT: This study assessed proteomic profile of Candida albicans after serial systemic infection in a murine model. The animals were infected initially by wild-type C. albicans SC5314 (WT) with an inoculum of of 3.5x105 cells via lateral tail vein. Then, five days post-infection, the animals were euthanized and their kidneys were removed, homogenized in lysis buffer, plated on SDA and incubated for 24 h at 35 °C. Colonies recovered from infected kidney were used to prepare inoculum for the subsequent infections as described for WT, totalizing five serial passages (P1-P5) and they were also used to protein extraction. By LC-MS/MS, 479 proteins were identified, with 56 proteins statistically significant in abundance in P1, 29 proteins in P3 and 97 proteins in P4. Regarding biological processes, the majority of proteins were related to carbohydrate metabolism, stress response and amino acid metabolism. The proteins were also categorized according to their potential role in virulence factors such as biofilm production, yeast-to-hyphae transition, phenotypic switching, proteins related to stress response and uncharacterized proteins. Therefore, serial infection associated with proteomic approach enabled to deepen the knowledge about host-pathogen interaction.


ORGANISM(S): Candida albicans  

TISSUE(S): Tissue Not Applicable To Dataset

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Glaucia Arita  

LAB HEAD: Patrícia de Souza Bonfim de Mendonça

PROVIDER: PXD012944 | Pride | 2019-07-01


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