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Effects of dynamic compressive loading on MSC chondrogenesis

ABSTRACT: Long-term dynamic compression enhanced the mechanical properties of MSC-seeded constructs only when loading was initiated after 21 days of chondrogenic differentiation. This study examined the molecular differences of chondrogenic MSCs compared to undifferentiated MSCs (TGF-beta vs no TGF-beta) and the effects of dynamic loading on MSC chondrogenesis (loading vs free-swelling). Overall design: Free-swelling MSC-seeded constructs were cultured for 21 days in chemically defined media. Chondrogenesis was induced with TGF-beta3. Undifferentiated controls were maintained in parallel. After 21 days of chondrogenic differentiation, a subset of constructs were subjected to 21 days of dynamic compressive loading. On days 21 and 42, construct mechanical properties and biochemical content were assessed. Microarray analysis was carried out on day 3, day 21 and day 42 constructs. 6 arrays.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Bovine] Affymetrix Bovine Genome Array

ORGANISM(S): Bos taurus  

SUBMITTER: Alice H Huang  

PROVIDER: GSE18879 | GEO | 2010-11-01



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