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Global gene expression analysis of green spotted puffer fish gills in response to environmental calcium changes

ABSTRACT: This study aims to understand the molecular adaptation mechanisms of fish gills to environmental Ca2+ changes. Using SuperSAGE, we compared the gene expression profiles of T. nigroviridis gills transferred from natural brackish water (10 ppt salinity,2.9 mM Ca2+) to artificial brackish water with control (2.9 mM), low (0.01 mM) or high (10 mM) Ca2+ concentrations for 2 or 12h. Overall design: To obtain SuperSAGE tags, we followed the original protocol described by Matsumura and colleagues (Matsumura et al. 2003) with some modifications. The SuperSAGE ditags were directly sequenced with by high throughput pyrosequencing (454 LifeSciences).

INSTRUMENT(S): 454 GS FLX (Tetraodon nigroviridis)

SUBMITTER: Patricia I. S. Pinto  

PROVIDER: GSE19854 | GEO | 2011-01-03



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Gill transcriptome response to changes in environmental calcium in the green spotted puffer fish.

Pinto Patrícia Is PI   Matsumura Hideo H   Thorne Michael As MA   Power Deborah M DM   Terauchi Ryohei R   Reinhardt Richard R   Canário Adelino Vm AV  

BMC genomics 20100817

<h4>Background</h4>Calcium ion is tightly regulated in body fluids and for euryhaline fish, which are exposed to rapid changes in environmental [Ca2+], homeostasis is especially challenging. The gill is the main organ of active calcium uptake and therefore plays a crucial role in the maintenance of calcium ion homeostasis. To study the molecular basis of the short-term responses to changing calcium availability, the whole gill transcriptome obtained by Super Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (S  ...[more]

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