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Mouse gut metagenome

ABSTRACT: Gut Microbiota

ORGANISM(S): mouse gut metagenome  



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Foxp3(+) T cells regulate immunoglobulin a selection and facilitate diversification of bacterial species responsible for immune homeostasis.

Kawamoto Shimpei S   Maruya Mikako M   Kato Lucia M LM   Suda Wataru W   Atarashi Koji K   Doi Yasuko Y   Tsutsui Yumi Y   Qin Hongyan H   Honda Kenya K   Okada Takaharu T   Hattori Masahira M   Fagarasan Sidonia S  

Immunity 20140710 1

Foxp3(+) T cells play a critical role for the maintenance of immune tolerance. Here we show that in mice, Foxp3(+) T cells contributed to diversification of gut microbiota, particularly of species belonging to Firmicutes. The control of indigenous bacteria by Foxp3(+) T cells involved regulatory functions both outside and inside germinal centers (GCs), consisting of suppression of inflammation and regulation of immunoglobulin A (IgA) selection in Peyer's patches, respectively. Diversified and se  ...[more]

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