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Bulk RNA-seq of fetal and adult murine Leydig cells

ABSTRACT: Bulk RNA-seq of fetal and adult murine Leydig cells



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Specific Transcriptomic Signatures and Dual Regulation of Steroidogenesis Between Fetal and Adult Mouse Leydig Cells.

Sararols Pauline P   Stévant Isabelle I   Neirijnck Yasmine Y   Rebourcet Diane D   Darbey Annalucia A   Curley Michael K MK   Kühne Françoise F   Dermitzakis Emmanouil E   Smith Lee B LB   Nef Serge S  

Frontiers in cell and developmental biology 20210628

Leydig cells (LC) are the main testicular androgen-producing cells. In eutherian mammals, two types of LCs emerge successively during testicular development, fetal Leydig cells (FLCs) and adult Leydig cells (ALCs). Both display significant differences in androgen production and regulation. Using bulk RNA sequencing, we compared the transcriptomes of both LC populations to characterize their specific transcriptional and functional features. Despite similar transcriptomic profiles, a quarter of th  ...[more]

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