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A closer look at Aspergillus: Online monitoring via scattered light enables reproducible phenotyping

ABSTRACT: Development of microtiter plate based microbioreactor cultivation for Aspergillus giganteus with quasi-continuous online measurements. Different parameters such as well geometry, shaking frequency and morphology controlling agents were investigated in order to optimize the microtiter plate cultivation and scattered light signal towards reproducibility and homogeneity. An optimized medium was developed and scalability into stirred tank bioreactor cultivation was analyzed. As a transferability indicator the supernatant of both cultivation systems was analyzed for secreted protein patterns with a focus on an antifungal protein (AFP) and alpha-sarcin. These proteins were identified via LC-MS/MS.


ORGANISM(S): Aspergillus giganteus  

TISSUE(S): Tissue Not Applicable To Dataset

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Bianca Klein  

LAB HEAD: Marco Oldiges

PROVIDER: PXD013751 | Pride | 2019-08-12


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A closer look at Aspergillus: online monitoring via scattered light enables reproducible phenotyping.

Jansen Roman P RP   Beuck Carina C   Moch Matthias M   Klein Bianca B   Küsters Kira K   Morschett Holger H   Wiechert Wolfgang W   Oldiges Marco M  

Fungal biology and biotechnology 20190805

Background:Filamentously growing microorganisms offer unique advantages for biotechnological processes, such as extraordinary secretion capacities, going along with multiple obstacles due to their complex morphology. However, limited experimental throughput in bioprocess development still hampers taking advantage of their full potential. Miniaturization and automation are powerful tools to accelerate bioprocess development, but so far the application of such technologies has mainly been focused  ...[more]

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